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I’m a big fan of canstockphoto12951122 (author of Zombie Loyalist).

Peter has a podcast about ADHD and he seeks to find the gift in it, and not a seeing it as a curse.

I really like his mindset.

There have been people throughout history who have taken their limitations (lemons) or problems and found success (better fruits) from embracing it.  One of my personal favorites examples is when Michael Johnson (Olympian during the London 2012 Games) complained that Oscar Pstorisu had an “unfair advantage” in the race. I’m certain many people found humor that an Olympian would think a person with a disability had an unfair advantage. I’ve also heard that artists have been inspired by their depression to write songs, create masterpieces, and do many things, however, I can’t think of an example at the moment.

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