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Chris Glibert PT, DPT is a a school-based physical therapist.
He I felt the need for an alternative transfer solution between the two main types of dependent transfers that he has seen in the local school districts.


As a result, he created LATbelt


Hoyer lifts were very expensive and time consuming to use. Additionally, they were typically too cumbersome to use in school restrooms and classrooms. They have poor mobility and can be overwhelming for new staff members. Lastly, when we did utilize them for toilet transfers, we would still need to pick up the patient manually to remove the sling from underneath their bottom.


The other frequent transfer I saw was a two person dependent transfer in which staff members would grip a student by their arms and legs and transfer them from a wheelchair to another location such as a toilet, mat table, gait trainer, stander, etc. Not only is this type of transfer inappropriate, it poses a high liability and injury risk for both staff and student. Unfortunately, poor body mechanics on the staff side, along with low toned patients, do not make a good combination. I felt that this dependent transfer could be more standardized to improve safety for staff and students. The LATbelt is a simple solution that provides gripping handles for safe transfers. It also can double as a gait belt, via quick-release buckle, for more ambulatory patients. It works great for toilet transfers as it does not cover the crotch as other slings do.


It is currently utilized in school districts throughout the United States and internationally. However, we feel that is has strong implications for home health care, skilled nursing facilities, community use, hospitals, hippotherapy, and obviously recreational therapists in the community.


Here is another small blurb I have been sending to schools:
The LATbelt is an innovative patent pending transfer device developed specifically by a school-based physical therapist to improve safety during transfers in the school setting. It is currently being utilized by school districts throughout the United States and being required for all transfers by risk management administrators.


The LATbelt has the ability to save your local districts thousands of dollars in workers compensation claims and/or liability costs. It is generally agreed that assistive devices, such as the LATbelt, should be utilized by school personnel when transferring students.


The LATbelt standardizes the transfer process and helps improve safety for both students and staff.


It is a cost effective ($149) solution to improve efficiency and compliance with student transfers. Educational aides have reported an easier time with transfers along with improved confidence during transfers to wheelchairs, changing tables, toilets, standers, and gait trainers. It was designed to work effectively in the small confines of classrooms and restrooms along with community outings, such as field trips.
Simple, Quick, Safe Lift and Transfer device.

Designed specifically for muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries.

  • Standardizes the transfer process
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use
  • May reduce injuries, improve compliance, enhance ergonomics
  • Works great for toileting transfers
  • Less than 20 seconds to put on and take off
  • Safe for patients and caregivers
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Only $149
For more information or to purchase, please visit www.LATbelt.com