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I’ve posted several times that anyone interested in getting a ph.d. in our field at this time would nearly have a  100% change of a position teaching at a college.

Our field is lacking people with a Ph.D. There is a growing number of people retiring from colleges and universities and not enough people with the Ph.D. qualification to replace them.

My suggestion: I’d even argue for people with a Master’s degree to apply for the position for faculty and sign-up for the distant education doctorate program at Clemson. A person could say they are a Master’s Level, CTRS who is working on a doctorate program. There are a lot of colleges and universities. This approach just might work if teaching in our field is your goal.

Here is a message I received about a position at Lehman College:

Lehman College is still actively recruiting a faculty member (open rank) with a doctoral degree and CTRS for a full-time position in a growing program. Located in the Bronx, NYC, the combined recreation/TR BS and MS degree programs have over 220 students. Many opportunities for collaboration, research, faculty development and leadership on campus and with an extensive network of agencies and alumni. Responsibilities include teaching, service and scholarship. If interested, please apply now!