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I often say that we, Recreational Therapists, put the “RT” in HEART.

We’re people who care and want to make a difference.

I met a really interesting business coach today at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success training.

Terri Levine is an author and motivational speaker.

Her company is named Heartrereneur. What a clever name. I love it.

We rec therapists are good at “providing recreational therapies” to help people heal. Many recreational therapists lack any business education or skills and may need assistance.

There is a growing number of Recreational Therapists who are stepping out and starting their own business, like (Private Practice, Consulting, or Training, or other service or creative product businesses).

I felt it would be appropriate to suggest a business coach to those recreational therapists.

If you’re interested in getting a business coach to help you out then definitely, contact Terri.

Here is her site http://heartrepreneur.com/