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It’s a small world after all.

There was an old research project where people mailed a package back to the east coast to someone who might know someone who the package belongs to. It took most packages seven (7) people to get to the owner. People kept mailing them to the person they knew on the east coast who might know the person.

Today – we’re a lot closer than 7 degrees apart. As one famous author had written, “the world is flat.” We are all very close and connected now. We may be only one person away from anyone in the world with today’s communication systems.


I met Velma M. Knowles, MBA at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success workshop today.

She is a marketer, speaker, trainer, and coach based in Florida.

We were talking about writing books.

Here are some random thoughts on being an “author.”

  • It doesn’t matter if you have one book or 1,000 books. You can use the word “author.”
  • It doesn’t even matter if it is a good-book and you can use the word “author.” Of course, we hope is an amazing best-selling book.


I told her that it doesn’t even need to be a big book. I told her that some authors like Seth Godin have small books that make a big splash. Me: I think I’ve read every book Seth Godin writes and I read about 95% of his blog posts that show up in my email.


I felt so happy when she said she was at a conference (maybe a week ago) and met Seth Godin.

Velma also talked about John Maxwell’s leadership books. These are small books that make a big impact.


I recommend Velma as a consultant/ trainer who could help Rec therapists who operate a private practice or business. Here is her site:

Here is her site: http://www.leaderspathway.com/