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Danny Pettry, a professional recreational therapist based in Huntington, West Virginia, launched an online petition to get the Chicken Soup For The Soul company to publish a book of inspirational stories about people who achieved amazing outcomes through recreational therapy

The petition can be accessed at https://change.org/p/approve-a-book-of-stories-about-inspirational-recreational-therapy-stories.

Many traumatic incidents require some sort of therapy to remedy the negative effects, and a variety of therapeutic procedures have been developed to help people cope with PTSD, injuries, prolonged periods of stress and other unfortunate events.

Recreational therapy is a practice based on recreation and other activity-based interventions. It is a systematic process aimed at relieving stress, aiding physical recuperation, and help overall trauma recovery.

Recreational therapists assess and develop intervention plans based on a number of activities designed to help clients participate actively in their community and thus accelerate the healing process. Based on research showing significant psychological and physical improvement for active patients, recreational therapy encompasses a wide range of procedures designed to maximize recovery by socially, physically and psychologically-active interventions.

Danny Pettry is a professional recreational therapist with years of experience helping children with mental health needs, training aspiring recreational therapists, and developing CEU recreational therapy courses.

He intends to publish a book of inspirational stories about Recreational Therapist. Pettry hopes the prestigious Chicken Soup for the Soul company will approve this title to their collection of inspirational books. The book would be a joint effort of many professional recreational therapists (and consumers) sharing their success stories.

Examples of inspirational stories include Bethany Hamilton’s recovery after a shark attack, Jaycee Dugard’s overcoming of years of captivity through horse therapy, and Aron Ralston’s recovery after spending six days with his arm stuck under a boulder. All three have reported benefits of recreational therapies.

The petition aims to raise awareness of the importance of publishing such a book, as well as of its potential as a motivational resource for those in need of therapy or recovery after a traumatic incident.

The petition can be accessed at the above-mentioned link. Interested parties can find more information about Danny Pettry by visiting http://dannypettry.com.