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Guest blog post by: Denise Lima-Laskiewicz, ADC/EDU, ICRmT


Remotivation therapy has been in existence since 1949.  Once Dorothy Hoskins Smith discovered the therapeutic value of Remotivation she shared her information with others.  Once introduced the concept caught on in institutions an other facilities.  In 1971 the National Remotivation Therapy Organization  Inc., was formed. This organization governs and sets the standard for certification for future Remotivation Therapists.

In order to do Remotivation Therapy  one needs to become certified as a Remotivation Therapists.  There are three different levels of Remotivation Therapy  which is the beginner to the advanced.  Below is listed the three levels of certification:

  1.  Provisional Remotivation Therapists   (PRmT)
  2.  Certified Remotivation Therapists        (CRmT)
  3.  Instructor of Remotivation Therapists  (ICRmT)


In each level one is able to conduct a Remotivation Therapy session with diverse clients.

The first level is referred to as a Provisional Remotivation Therapists   (PRmT).  On this level a facilitator conducts a session with 12 prepared adn approved remotivation therapy sessions.  These sessions are approved by the National Remotivation Therapy Org. Inc., (N.R.T.O.)   New remotivation therapy sessions are in the process of development for purchase for future sessions .

The second level is referred to as a Certified Remotivation Therapists  (CRmT).    The Certified Remotivation Therapists  (CRmT) is taught how to develop remotivation sessions through examples.  The remotivation therapist  already has the basic knowledge of why remotivation therapy sessions are conducted  from the provisional level.  However, it is reinforced and re-explained  when the provisional remotivation therapist  decides to upgrade their certification.  As long as the individual remains in good standing  with N.R.T.O inc. the individual  may advance.  The student learns how to prepare the sessions and  then they must develop 12 sessions on their own.   These sessions are critiqued  by the instructor  and returned to the student.  The student is given a certificate pronouncing him/her a Certified Remotivation Therapists  (CRmT).   The student  is able to conduct and create their own programming  and  instruct potential  new students  in Provisional Remotivation Therapy.

The third level is the Instructor of Remotivation Therapists  (ICRmT).  Prior to moving up to this level the individual has to be in good standing with N.R.T.O..  On this level the student is taught how to instuct others on PRmT and CRmT certification.  The course is 6 hours long where it is broken down into 5 modules.  Withing tese modules discussions ar held on the definition of remotivation therapy, developing topics, questions and processing  an developing poems.  Through the workbook and class participation the student hones in their skills.  Once this step  is completed the student is certified as an Instructor  of Remotivation therapy.

Remotivation theray is a validated, evidence based therapy  that is important  in the  field of activities.  The certification process  for each levels takes one day. Below is listed teh hours that it will take to become certified in each level.

PRmT = 6 hours

CRmT=  6 hours

ICRmT= 6 hours

Remotivation threapy is a wonderful technique to learn because it enhances the quality of life for our clients.  It provides a new way to create programming for our residents. The topics are objective in nature, which means Remotivation therapist can discuss any topic.   If you would like further information on remotivation therapy visit www.remotivation.com or if you are interested in becoming certified as a Remotivation therapist  please free to contact me at healthroughwords@aol.com