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I giveaway prizes at my site because I want my site and services to be known as remarkable (not only for CEUs) – but for providing excellent customer service, useful resources, and goodies for my friends, like you. I often giveaway amazon gift cards as giveaways at my site (because amazon is known for books) and I’m a strong advocate for reading and learning (as you already know). I had several contests in February 2017 and I wanted to post the lucky people:
Contest # 1 — Rec Therapist of the Year Contest —
  • Allison B., of Ohio won our Rec Therapy of the Year Contest – She received a five clock hour self-study CEU Course, the required book, a $25 amazon gift card, a rec therapist of the year coffee mug, and an edible arrangements fruit basket- which arrived on her birthday!
Contest # 2 — Customer Loyalty Giveaways –I-
 asked people to complete a survey to give me feedback on their customer loyalty.The following five people won a $10 amazon gift card from this contest:
  • Marcia S., Weare, NH
  • Erin G., Glen Allen, VA
  • Patricia B., Hoschton, GA
  • Candice B., Virginia Beach, VA
  • Heather S., Columbus, OH
Contest # 3 — NCTRC surveyI asked people to share their thoughts about the NCTRC recertification process and the CEUs.One lucky person won a $25 amazon gift card:
  • Stephanie G., from Livonia, MI
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