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Dear Activity Director:

The Institute for Geri Olympics and Active Living planning team is excited to welcome you to the 30th Annual Geri Olympics.  We are inviting you and your health care facility to attend the event scheduled for April 21, 2017  at the South Charleston Community Center.  This year the focus will be on CELEBRATING 30 YEARS AND THE RESIDENTS, HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS AND GERI O VOLUNTEERS THAT MAKE IT HAPPEN.   We suggest that you plan on arriving between 8:30 and 9:30 am.  The event will conclude around 1:30.


Geri Olympics promotes active living, wellness and quality of life for residents of nursing homes and assisted living centers.  Our philosophy is that you do not go to nursing homes to die but to live and be as active as possible.  West Virginia Geri Olympics has received global recognition and attention and is being used as a model for similar events in other states and around the world with partners in the Czech Republic, Scotland and Canada.  The program was featured in an invited symposium at the World Conference on Active Living in Glasgow Scotland in August 2012.  Cooperating sponsors of Geri Olympics  include the Bureau of Senior Services, City of South Charleston, West Virginia Lottery, Charleston and Central West Virginia Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mylan Pharmaceutical and  Marshall University Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine and WVU school of Pharmacy.  We appreciate our sponsors and urge you to thank them for their support in enabling us to host Geri Olympics for all these years.


During Geri Olympics, many events will be featured including Bowling, Horseshoes, Basketball Shooting, Candle Blowing, Clothes Pin Stacking, Corn Hole, Golf Putting, Obstacle Course, Marksmanship Wheel chair races and relays.  Some facilities like to include training or preparation for the Olympics in their daily activity program.  Those who have attended in the past are familiar with each event.  New facilities are encouraged to call the number listed above for specific ideas.  The Geri Olympics planning team is always looking for activities that would be of interest to care home residents or that would have therapeutic value.  They work with a variety of therapeutic recreation specialists, occupational therapists and physical therapist in their search for events that would be of interest to the residents and in developing adapted equipment.


In the past two years several nursing homes have enjoyed developing cheers.  We are opening this up to all facilities but recognize it presents time challenges because residents tire easily and are ready to head home by 1.   We welcome all facilities to present a cheer (most likely some will not exercise this option).  If we have 30 facilities doing this and allow 2minutes per facility we’re looking at adding an hour to the program.  So we’re requesting that cheers or skits be held to 2 minutes.


The participation fee is $100.00 per facility and should be included with registration.  If your facility is ordering T-Shirts, that fee should also be included.  If you have questions or need assistance please feel free to call or email the contact information listed above. Registration information should be sent to:  Dr. Ted Muilenburg, PO Box 434, Institute, WV 25112 (304-610-9649: htm406@aol.com)  We look forward to your arrival and participation in the event. Checks can be made out to GERI OLYMPICS or IGO.


Team pictures and other pictures will be taken and uploaded to facebook where they can be printed.  Anyone can take pictures and upload them to our facebook site.  PHOTO CLEARANCES OR RELEASES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CARE HOME.



Dr. Ted Muilenburg,



 REGISTRATION FORM2017. WV GERI OLYMPICS   PLEASE RETURN BY MARCH 20 FACILITY NAME_____________________________________________________ Phone number _______________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________Zip and city _______________________________________________________ Activity director ____________________ Email address ______________________  1. 2.