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heartIn the last year I have embarked on a beautiful journey that has changed my career. This change has given others the deepest expression of radiant love and comfort I have ever created.


For almost 32 years, I have been a therapist and a clinician working in various settings with those who have experienced challenges from abuse, addictions, disease, trauma, stroke, war, loneliness, depression, brain injuries and other sensory related challenges.

I always knew that one day I would create something to share with others that would touch them in a very special way. Through this new DVD, I have created adventure, beauty, color, courage, freedom, joy, tenderness, peace, awakening of spirit and most of all love.


In the last year I have transformed my career to be the FOUNDER and the Director of my brand new business Journeyscape Design!  I have taken my original photos and blended them into a picture movie slideshow to enrich the auditory, visual and environment of those who experience challenges. This movie has 12 chapters and takes the viewer on a colorful and amazing journey of beauty to remind them of places they have not been for a long while or to create a get away from their pain or loneliness. The movie gives the viewer a front row seat to their adventure. The pictures are bright and vivid and full of life! Should we go to The Zoo today? Maybe to the beach? or the Flower Garden? Can you feel the breeze?


Each chapter has unique music that enhances each image to create a full experience for the adventure.  The reprise chapter of the flowers features the beautiful love song: “Every Moment I Will Hold You” with my lyrics and my voice. People of all ages have enjoyed these images and are taken to a world of love, color and peace.  The children love the puppies and dog chapter! I live every day to share my new creation with others who may not have an opportunity to be outside to feel the warm sun or to see a butterfly. Every day I want to comfort the caregivers who are selfless. My creation is of love. Whether we are able to see one smile,  hold one’s hand or be a companion, as we uphold our commitments to those we serve,  the heart may be touched in an indelible way.


This is what I want to do. I want to give an experience to others that they may not be able to have while they get stronger.  I can share a fresh breeze with someone or maybe a puppy who is fluffy and soft…..perhaps a ride in an old car….I can bring back a memory gone by or make a new memory for someone.  I can make the sun come out, I can make the tears go away if only for a moment.


Marianna Marra Newman, MS, CTRS

Journeyscape Design







Journeyscape Design is dedicated to creating a world of adventure, beauty, color, freedom, and love.  With our DVD we will offer comfort, company, sensory and environment enrichment. We will provide an auditory and visionary journey for anyone experiencing progressive degenerative disorders, loneliness, PTSD, addictions, brain injuries, anxiety, sadness, or pain. We share our love with the title song, “Every Moment I Will Hold You.”