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New site Alert – just in time for recreational therapy month, too!canstockphoto10315926

Jeanne Hastings, (master’s level) CTRS has created a neat web-site, My Recreation Therapist:


It is a site that connects recreational therapists with consumers.

Clients can create an account and hire RTs

And RTs can create an account.

My thoughts: she is definitely a leader here. This is new. It isn’t anything copied or done before in our field.

Way to go Jeanne!



Some of my suggestions (and thoughts) for the site for Recreational therapists who use it:

  • Have informed consent from customer/ clients before providing online based recreational therapy services.
  • Follow ethics set by ATRA
  • Keep clients confidential – and remember to be cautious of leaking any confidential information online.
  • Practice in your own scope of practice for legal reasons
  • I question how license works for state to state? In example: would you need a license to provide online rec therapy to a person who lives in a state (that requires a license to practice?)
  • Carry your own personal liability insurance to be on the safe side. I use HSPO for my practice as a therapist and for my continuing education services that provide.