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Reviews for Webinar

I provided a one hour training on General Recreation vs. Recreational Therapy.

Some people shared comments.

  • 100% of people said the objectives were met! 

What did you enjoy about this webinar?

  • It was a very nice refresher. Also made me feel happy about the work I do.
  • Great information. Love these webinars
  • I really enjoyed to humor and information delivered. As a young Recreation Therapist that is not practicing full-time, it was a great reminder to keep striving to sharpen my skills.
  • I enjoyed the fact that it mentioned that we don’t just do “fun” activities. I like that there are people out there who can validate what we do and not just assume that we just do fun things with our clients.
  • I enjoyed that this webinar was a good refresher on information with recreation therapy.
  • I like that stated that just providing recreation services was not that same as recreation therapy. It help reemphasize to me the importance of recreation therapy as a means to not just entertain my resident but that it is a method to promote a healing process. This webinar really made me feel proud of what I am doing. Thank you for this webinar.
  • It was a nice refresher. Thank you for providing this content. It is great to finally have a source for CEUs.
  • It was a nice refresher course!
  • Refresher, positivity of profession, told we are doing a good job.
  • I really enjoyed how he outlined the basics very clearly by differentiating between the terms Activities, Recreation, and Recreational Therapy. Thank you for the wonderful webinar.
  • Interesting great refresher.
  • overview of APIE, flow theory,
  • I loved the humor incorporated into the presentation, especially the comics!
  • This was great information that I can share with my staff for Recreation Therapy Month! Great reminders for some of us that have been in the field for a long time!
  • It was interesting to hear about the different aspects that contribute to this.
  • I enjoyed the definitions, the recap on the Flow Therapy and discussion on the domains/benefits of RT
  • I enjoy listening and being reminded on the benefits of being in the profession.
  • Validating what we actually do as CTRS’s. A lot of staff think we just get to play and have fun and do FUN things, of course – that’s what we do!!!
  • It was validation a and a good reminder of what we really do
  • learning about the 5 advanced certificates a CTRS can earn
  • The different activities that can be completed.
  • Gave good ideas and presenter was very enthusiastic
  • I enjoyed the refresher of basic rec concepts like FLOW
  • I enjoyed reviewing what rec therapy was and the APIE process (it’s been awhile)
  • going over the differences in rec therapy and rec activities
  • All of it! All of the programs are very interesting and educational!!
  • I liked the comics that broke up the information.
  • I really enjoyed it! It was a nice refresher and got me thinking about new ideas for patients.
  • The easy access and being able to listen on phone. The information was great and increased my knowledge as a new CTRS.
  • It was full information and i always appreciate the ceu offers at the end.
  • I enjoyed this re-fresher class. Thank you for it.
  • great, I can use it to educate others at work
  • I enjoyed the overview of Rec Therapy, and learning how to better explain to friends, family, and colleagues the difference between recreational therapy and “just having fun:”
  • educational


How could this webinar have been improved?


·         Overall I think the delivery of information was great. One thing I would add is a video or two to maintain attention more. Like a funny video or of some really good music. Although the cartoon drawings were humorous changing audio patterns will make the session more enjoyable.
·         It might have been on my end, not sure, but sometimes your voice broke up a little bit. Otherwise it was good.
·         I thought it was great considering the time limit of one hour.
·         I feel that the information was good and that Danny did state most of the sources that he got it from. But I would like to see it sited on the PowerPoint. In addition, I would like to see some testimonials of individuals that have undergone RT. In additions, regarding the wellness wheel, it would be great to have examples of how not fulfilling a domain may affect an individual.
·         Have none to share at the moment; the webinar is fine as is.
·         More interactive
·         Love to see some more interventions that yourself or others are implementing in their settings
·         more concrete examples of activity within each domain; more goal writing examples (very important in RT)
·         No comment
·         no areas needed for improvement
·         nothing–it was great
·         Nothing
·         NA
·         Nope! It was great!
·         nothing
·         Nothing needed!!
·         unsure
·         Maybe adding peer reviewed articles
·         none
·         I think it was good
·         N/A
·         it was great, thank you
·         Don’t read the slides, or talk about yourself.




How likely are you to register for one of Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU programs in the next six months?

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  • Average/ Medium answer is: 9.4
  • Range: 4 to 10
  • Most often/ Mode: 10 (these are our real promoters).
  • Note only one person picked “4”
  • Four people picked “5.”


Why do you plan to use DannyPettry.com Rec Therapy CEUs?

·         Because he offers a lot of free webinars and great deals on CEUs.
·         I just moved across the country so I don’t have any network with Recreation Therapy out here. Discovering DannyPettry.com is definitely going to make it easier for me to gather CEUs in the comfort of my own home.
·         Because I know that I need CEUs and I feel he is a great person to learn from about Recreation Therapy.
·         I need CEUs haha. I’m still a newbie, but I need to get them done. There are interesting topics available and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.
·         I have already planned on using DannyPettry.com for CEUs especially with working in a mental health setting.
·         I have bought a package from dannypettry.com already. I like that it gives me the opportunity to go at my own pace.
·         Again it’s nice to finally have a source for CEUs that is affordable and educational
·         I will be needing CEUs in the future and this site offers great programs and NCTRC pre-approved CEU’s!
·         Upbeat positive energy from presenter.  Can tell he loves his job and I would want to learn from someone who loves their job.
·         Because I think it’s always important to stay open-minded.
·         Good website have taken before.
·         I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge of RT!
·         I enjoy self-study/self-paced courses
·         It is easy CEUs when am in need, and can be enjoyable.
·         Definitely a 10 rating!  Enjoy the CEU opportunities!!!
·         You make it fun, affordable, and easy
·         I’ve used your website before in the past and enjoyed having this as an opportunity
·         I love them
·         Because this is a great tool to get CEUs
·         Easy and basic
·         Now that most are NCTRC pre-certified I feel more confident in taking courses!
·         i love taking these courses
·         Because I will be using this website for CEUs.
·         I have already purchased it and plan on using it soon.
·         because this is an amazing way to earn CEUs
·         I like the convenience and price
·         Easy access to CEUS. Great information.
·         I enjoyed Danny’s program, it’s very informative and convent to do.
·         Its great!
·         I enjoy the convenience of learning at home and saving money
·         quick and easy ceus


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