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how do you relax?

Relaxation skills are personal.   The same relaxation techniques don’t work for everyone. One activity might relax a person and the same activity could have direct opposite outcome for another person. This concept reminds me of the older ad, “different volks for...

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Three Upcoming Webinars Danny Pettry will be presenting three free live webinars . Sign-up for the sessions you're interested in learning about these topics. Please note -- there will be a cost with the replay videos. So you'll want to get these courses now while you...

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Danny Pettry, author and founder of Rec Therapy Today, has been delivering trusted, certified, and highly rated Recreational Therapy CEUs to thousands of Rec Therapists since 2007. His mission is to be your # choice for self-study continuing education in Rec Therapy and deliver courses that truly make a difference. All of Danny’s courses are NCTRC approved.

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Are you ready to share your knowledge with other Rec Therapists? Danny can teach you how to create your certified CEU course and earn passive income for months and years to come!

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