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November is Homeless Awareness Month. 

November is Homeless Awareness Month. 

November is Homeless Awareness Month. Please "like" and "follow" https://www.facebook.com/hopeshelterpontiac/ Go here to visit their web-site: http://www.hopewarmingpontiac.org/ Donate here: http://www.hopewarmingpontiac.org/donate.html

CTRS: Vote for NCTRC Board of Directors.

Attention Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists -- Vote in the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC)'s Board of Directors. NCTRC sent me an email. I imagine you received an email too if you haven't changed emails. I [Danny Pettry] ...

full-time faculty position – BYU-IDAHO

full-time faculty position within the Department of Human Performance and Recreation with an anticipated start of Fall 2020. Please forward this announcement to interested parties. https://employment.byui.net/postings/15216 Department of Human Performance and...

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